Aida Dalati Brocade Topper Jackets

So, years go by and low and behold my design catigory title or industry discription for my Jackets changes and I never had the time to see this coming! In the 1990s Wearable Art Jackets is what I started to focus  on in my design business only now the discription has been reintroduced into mainstream and relabeled as Topper Jackets.

A Topper Jacket looks and feels like art but has been given this new title to take off the folksy edge of wearable art outerwear. It is generally an A-Line shaped Jacket, it is image and trend sensitive but unlike classic couture, Topper Jackets are easy to wear despite  the elaborate textiles, brocades, and Jacquards which garentee a woman a grand entry or exited into or out of any office, lecture podium or wedding party, enough said.