Came back from Rome with a bunch of vintage trims but just when all was running smooth at the showroom in Menlo Park the time came for me to go to see my mother who moved to Arkansas.  What a pretty state with all the lush grass we don't see this year in the Bay Area. 

Of course I looked up anything to do with textiles, quilting or vintage and managed to find some things to bring back to Menlo. An upholstery store was getting rid of some vintage flat trim which had discolored just enough to make me like it. The trims will be sold at $2.00 a yard while  supplies last.   

What a disappearing art this upholstery business  has become. I regret very much not taking the opportunity to learn how to do it from the masters in Old Damascus and in Beirut. I worked with three separate men when I was furnishing my house in Damascus from hand tufted  Divan cushions for my courtyard to the curvy ten dining room chairs which i covered with Belgium chartreuse tapestry purchased in New York from good old MOOD FABRICS.