Vine Lace Trim & Embroidered In Three Colors

It could be said that lace takes too long to sew on an edge or cuff but this grouping is worth it. In 2002 I went a little overboard and spent a cool amount of money on French ribbon and custom made lace trims which took up a lot of room and had to be stashed away in brown paper bags to make room for production and shipping room for the wholesale line of knits and what we call today Bohemian Jackets and Wearable art. My accountant advised me to put it on display as it took up 1/3 of my accounts payable and were in his way of thinking expendable. I had a better idea and rented a house-office on El Camino, made a few visits to the furniture mart in SF and bought two large aged teak glass cabinets and a matching farm table and set up a retail room. Marsha over at Tensile Trading in New York agreed to get her carpenter to duplicate her ribbon spools for me and three months later I was the proud owner of some 200 spools. Thirteen years later we are still here in Menlo Park adding more trims from Rome and London.